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Connie Crothers In Berlin - Full Concert

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Connie Crothers In Berlin

Richard Tabnik, Roger Mancuso, at Connie's Jam

Connie Crothers & Richard Tabnik Quartet at Birdland

Connie Crothers Solo Concert

The Kazzrie Jaxen Trio

Connie Crothers Interview

Connie Crothers Interview Conclusion

Connie Crothers & Valentina Nazarenko Piano Duo

Connie Crothers & Kazzrie Jaxen - Piano Duo

Connie Crother's Quartet Loft Concert Benefit for the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust


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A few of the musicians who have CD's on the label include:

  • Connie Crothers
  • Richard Tabnik
  • Kazzrie Jaxen/Liz Gorill
  • Max Roach
  • Lenny Popkin
  • Carol Liebowitz
  • Roger Mancuso
  • Andy Fite
  • Dori Levine
  • Charley Krachy
  • Michael Levy
  • Virg Dzurinko
  • Ed Littman
  • Bob Field
  • Carol Tristano
  • Bud Tristano
  • Harry Schulz
  • Bob Casanova
  • Linda Satin
  • Madeline Renard
  • Dhamma Ace Yamashita
  • Dick Twardzik
  • Red Mitchell
  • Jessica Jones
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Almost all of this music was freely improvised in the moment. This is called spontaneous jazz improvisation. Some of this improvisation originates from tunes and some of it is entirely improvised, or "playing free." "Free improvisation" can be described as music with no preset form or harmony, no boundaries, no limitations, yet anchored in feeling. Improvising from tunes can be very free, even though the tune--with its melody, harmony and form--is your point of origin for your improvisation. Your source for the music you create is the feeling you are experiencing in the moment. Rather than putting melodic "ideas" into chord changes, you allow the music to flow spontaneously from your ears, your feeling and your creative mind--your intuition.

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